GROCERY SHOPPING CHALLENGE – How to Bargain in Colombia

I have a little grocery/language challenge for everyone who is learning Spanish! Probably you all have already noticed that in […]

bandeja paisa

Colombian Cuisine: Bandeja Paisa

Colombian Cuisine: Bandeja Paisa One cannot visit Medellin or any part of Antioquia without trying the “Bandeja Paisa“. Unless you […]

Learn Colombian Spanish

Learn Colombian Spanish

We’ll be putting out a collection of Colombian Spanish slangs, colloquialisms, idioms, etc. Follow us on our Facebook to get […]

Spanish lessons in Medellin

Spanish to communicate and Spanish to feel like a local

Spanish to communicate and Spanish to feel like a local My first direct interaction with Colombians and Spanish language was […]

spanish lessons in Medellin

Spanish lessons in Medelllin

Dear January 1st Becca, Tomorrow you leave on a six-month trip to Colombia.  I know you are both heart-poundingly excited […]

Clases de inglés en Medellin y Envigado El Dorado Centro de Idiomas

Spanish school in Medellin

El Dorado Spanish School: Spanish Classes Designed for You   One of my favorite stories from my time studying literature […]

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