Learn Colombian Spanish: Words and Phrases K – O

Learn Colombian Spanish

We’ll be putting out a collection of Colombian Spanish slangs, colloquialisms, idioms, etc. Follow us on our Facebook to get a regular update of these words and phrases on your News Feed!

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The word frequently used to say “O.K.”, “ready” or “done”.


Literally translates to “key”. However, it’s also used referring to a close friend. “Llave” and “llavero” are equivalent for “buddy”, “mate” or “bro” in English and “parcero” could be their synonym in Spanish.


Yes, it is a name. However, it is generally used by youth in Colombia referring to 1.000 pesos.


Widely common word used to refer to a “guy” who is generally not an acquaintance of yours.


In other Spanish-speaking countries “mono” means monkey. In Colombia “mico” is the word for monkey and “mono/a” is used to refer to someone who is blonde. Moreover, the definition of blonde is quite flexible that you can be called “mono/a” even if you have brown hair.


Literally translates to “eye”. Besides that, it is an expression in Colombia that means “be careful” or “watch out”. It is oftenly used interchangeably with another expression “¡pilas!” which literally means “batteries”.



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