Staying in Colombia to learn Spanish?

El Dorado Spanish School is a certified and registered institution in the Ministry of Colombian education which means you can obtain a student visa when you study Spanish at El Dorado. You can get your Visa up to 2 years and get your C2 Certificate in Spanish.


ESPAÑOL EN MARCHA                        RIGHTS AND CONDITIONS                           VISA LEGAL ISSUES                        SESSIONS SCHEDULE

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Here is the schedule of our courses. Check your level and start ASAP. Remember to register before the course Starts.

SESSION 1 21st January – 15th February
SESSION 2 18th February – 15th March
SESSION 3 18th March – 12th April
SESSION 4 22nd April – 17th May
SESSION 5 20th May – 17th June
SESSION 6 25th June – 23 July
SESSION 7 29th July – 26th August
SESSION 8 2nd September – 27th September
SESSION 9 30th September – 28th October
SESSION 10 5th November – 3rd December




  1. Complete our registration form here
  2. Register in our platform to take the placement TEST (Step by Step how to do it)
  3. Pay for your the COURSE
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