Traveling with Children?

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Get the best out of your trip to Colombia with your family and return home with memorable experiences. Knowing the Spanish language while you travel in Colombia will allow you to immerse more in its colorful culture.

We have designed courses that are tailored for families so that everyone can learn at the same time.

Spanish lessons for Families

  • Spanish classes designed for the whole family. Let it be young children, teenagers, parents. We have the program to help you develop speaking and writing skills through communicative activities.
  • Students will learn grammar structures and develop their reading and writing.
  • Our courses motivate children to connect what they learn in the classroom with the outside world. The more connection we make, the easier it is to learn.
  • Learn the Spanish language and understand the culture, and its people
  • Our courses help you and your children communicate while you are traveling.
  • Weekly activities and events ensure that you will truly absorb the Colombian culture, and provide the opportunities to practice what you have learned in the classroom.

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Reece Chapman

Very good School. Fantastic teachers and wonderful teaching methods. Highly recommend!

Source: Google Maps

Dorota Rabca

Very good school! Professional teachers and interesting classes. I highly recommend it!

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Maria Skou Andersen

I spend 5 days in El dorado and I really enjoyed it! I had private lessons 4 hours daily to speed up the learning process. I am backpacking through South America, so my time was limited but I feel like I improved a lot.

I want to give a special thanks to the staff – they are super great and helpful.

Source:Google Maps

Gokhan Basaran

Yo he aprendiendo Español en esta escuela. Los profesores son muy buenos. A mi me gustaría volver otra vez para continuar mis clases.
Source:Google Maps


Aprendi espanol en la escuela 🙂 Y la ventaja mas grande de aprender espanol en la escuela es que uno aprende muy rapido a comunicarse 🙂 Cuando he viajado a Espana todos me han preguntado como le habia hecho para hablar tan bien espanol y todo eso se lo agradezco a la escuela El Dorado 🙂 Es por eso que la recomiendo 🙂


Source: Google Maps


Me parece bien. me gusta mucho por que las clases son con profesores interesantes y diferente de otras escuelas. Los profesores son profesionales y abiertos a todas las preguntas. La recomiendo !

Source:Google Maps

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